Thank you so very much! What a great team you have! I am delighted, really! Please let Debbie and your entire staff know how much I appreciate your professionalism, team spirit and conviviality!


Employee Benefits Program

Why do people love working with Curzon Staffing? Because we treat them so well!

As part of the Curzon team, you'll be eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • Competitive weekly pay
  • Availability of short-term medical insurance
  • Direct deposit
  • Referral bonuses ranging from $50 - $100
  • Holiday pay
  • The opportunity to audition at top local employers
  • Employee of the Month Recognition

Learn More
To learn more about the benefits offered through Curzon Staffing, please us a call at 703.836.4403 or contact us online.

CURZON STAFFING    801 N. Fairfax St.    #310    Alexandria, VA    22314    PHONE: 703.836.4403    Fax: 703.836.0514